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Saturday, July 26, 2014

cool summer fun in the shop...

a/c is on, music is playing, refreshments are ready and waiting...
come on in.  you deserve a little fun.

see you at the shop!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

so the cool clothing hunt begins...

this is the week!
grab a pal and get to this clothing sale...

(go on the first "preview" night for the freshest finds.)
these folks have some really unusual items, low prices, and a really helpful staff.
and yes, we'll be there selling some fun vintage jewelry to compliment the exciting apparel.

see you at the sale!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

big time jewelry score...and fun time party to go with it!

join us thursday, july 10 as we unveil a 500 piece collection of VINTAGE $10 jewels.

lucky us, we just purchased a GIGANTIC collection of jewels...
lucky you, we are pricing them at $8 each this week!  
(sale ends sunday, july 13)

we'll be setting the jewels out on thursday and serving refreshments from 5-8 for added jewel-perusing enjoyment.
grab a friend to bring along, and plan to have one heck of a fun evening!

other jewel reductions throughout the shop:
all POILS and $20 jewels will be offered at $15 each!

it's almost time for our favorite clothing sale at st. barnabas in irvington, ny
tons of clothing, gently used and vintage!
if you love to hunt for the unusual, this is your sale.
wednesday, july16
thursday july 17
(yes! we'll be there with our jewels.)

the church of st. barnabas
15 north broadway, irvington, ny

come on in and bring a friend!
see you at the shop...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

sippin' in fresh style, bayside.

yes, our linden and milk soaps are back.
these clean smelling wonders are perfect for freshening up on a sweltering summer day.

lots of summery frocks have arrived to liven up your season.
romantic, sporty, or sexy...these cuties are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

and...a new crop of portland water glasses are in.
perfect for water, juice, wine (you name it!), these beauties come in slate, olive, plum, and teal.
priced at $8 each, everybody is buying them in fours as the perfect summertime hostess gift.

we're here all week, wednesday through sunday.  we're open every night until 7...
except the fourth of july; that evening we'll close at 5.

stop in, try on a dress, have a little fun.
(fellas: lots of great vintage cufflinks if you're not into the dresses.)

see you at the shop!

Friday, June 20, 2014

have your eye on something at the shop?

(now is the time to swoop in)


this includes this gorgeous empire settee, 

these library chairs,

vintage office accessories, 

maps, globes, kitchen, garden, porch,
clothing, jewelry, candles, cards, the list goes on and on.

well, we're making room for some big deliveries, we need some space.

(AND we won't even mention we're on our way to a big fat
pennslyvania road trip, hitting the aisles at the new york gift show,
setting up at the st. barnabas clothing sale (SAVE THE DATES: july 16 and 17)
planning a vintage jewelry party (just bought 600 pieces of vintage $10 jewels!)
updating our website, developing an e-commerce page...)


cold brew tea, levon helm, and frosted cookies!
see you this weekend,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

it's the sale you've been waiting for!

everything in the shop is 20% off...
both OLD and NEW.

from june 12th to june 22nd the ENTIRE store is 20% off!
(closed mondays and tuesdays as we shop for more.)

see you at the shop,

Friday, June 6, 2014

we love dads of all types! (father's day is june 15th)

and we've got some great gifts to prove it:

stylin' dad...extensive collection of vintage cufflinks: most priced at $25

relaxin' dad...bottle openers of the whale and wrench variety
priced under $25

vintage dad...

great artist study portraits

       goosenecks like you read about (or with)
these big hits come and go quickly in the shop.

we just found a new (old) collection of them and have
about 15 of them in the shop. but not for long.

a good selection of dad's day cards, cookies, coffee, and a helpful bunch of folks await you.

stop in , we're here with extended hours this weekend: friday through sunday, 11 to 7.

see you at the shop,


Friday, May 30, 2014

big fat tag sale this weekend...

who knows what aunt mary and uncle jo are bringing to the lawn at pretty funny vintage.
what i CAN tell you is that we're going to be featuring lots of vintage jewels in the shop priced specially at $7 each as a nod to the bargain hunter, (along with a few other secret sales!)

make a little fun, and come sift through the tag sale junk...
then visit us inside the shop.

extended hours...saturday and sunday, 11 to 7!

see you at the shop,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


after four days of walking the farm fields, we're back from the brimfield antique show with a bunch of great finds...we've been unpacking, cleaning, pricing, rearranging...and drinking lots of coffee.

here's what's in at the moment:

pair of gorgeous parlor chairs in newly upholstered  green, teal, and black asian pastoral scene.

stunning settee newly upholstered in heavy danish striped linen.

a collection of old farm stools in all shapes, sizes, and old paint...a collection of 20!

1930's wood folding chairs, set of 4 (we found 15 more!) perfect for apartments and surprise guests!

while we process through our brimfield finds, the delivery trucks keep pulling up with our great "new" retail finds.

this week the pintuck tunics are back: these longer cotton beauties sell out fast at $52.
lots of great colors and patterns for summer.

there's a bunch of inspiring things at the shop right now.
make a little time for yourself and come have a cup of coffee with us.

remember we're now open late!
wednesday thru sunday, 11 to 7!

see you at the shop!

Friday, May 9, 2014

oh, have we got the gift for mom.

here are some great picks...all priced under $30!
nantucket flower frog:

these babies, priced at $28 each, will transform a few stems or a full bouquet into a stunning centerpiece.  show your mom she can make an arrangement as beautiful as she!

brass magnifier necklace:

this vintage-inspired beauty, priced at $28, not only looks good on, but steps in and saves one's ego when one has misplaced her glasses.  (not that your mom ever does!)

farm soaps:

these fellas are sure to send any noseologist to heaven and back...scents as lovely as every mom in your life...and at $10 each, every lovely mom in your life should have one.
bergamot and citrus
basil and peppermint
patchouli, cedar, and sage

poils, poils, and more poils:
we have a healthy selection of long, short, layered, clusters, white, and ivory poils.  
all amazing vintage specimens, priced at $20 each.  who doesn't look just a stitch more elegant in pearls?

we have extended shopping hours saturday and sunday, 11 to 7...

come in, we'll help you pick out a little something and a mom's day card to match...
we'll totally leave you to wander about our two floors of goodness on your own.

we will insist on offering you a cup of coffee, a cookie, and...
we'll even wrap that gift for mom up!

see you this weekend!